Solstice Game Studios Logo Contest Winner Announcement!

December 08, 2015, 02:23:45 am by WinterPhoenix96
Ladies and Gentlemen, we have our winner for the Solstice Game Studios Logo Contest!

The winner was, as voted by Staff, TheWalker (Steam, Forums)!

TheWalker will be credited using a title of their choosing on the upcoming Solstice Game Studios website as having created the Logo Design, but we would also like to thank everybody that submitted their designs to us! They were all extremely professional and it was difficult selecting a winner.

A scaled down version of their wide design is shown below!

Love You All <3
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Solstice Game Studios Logo Contest!

November 20, 2015, 12:18:15 am by WinterPhoenix96
Ladies and Gentlemen, we're proud to announce the Solstice Game Studios Logo Contest! As you might already know, YukiTheater will be falling under the umbrella of Solstice Game Studios soon. If you don't know, Solstice Game Studios is a newly created indie game studio formed by the Developers of YukiTheater that will be the umbrella for YukiTheater, a future unannounced project for Garry's Mod, and anything else we end up deciding to make.

But since it was YukiTheater that started it all, we decided it would be fitting to have its Community design the logo for the new Studio!

The winner of the contest will have their design used for Solstice Game Studios officially for the foreseeable future!

To Enter...
  • You must reply to this topic with 2 versions of your design in the following resolutions in PNG Format:
    • 1920x1080 (wider applications, such as proper logo display on a website)
    • 1080x1080 (narrower applications where the logo may be displayed in a box or circle as part of a UI)
  • The design must look professional, with effective use of colors, fonts, etc
  • The design must have nothing to do with YukiTheater or anime
  • The wider (1920x1080) logo must have the term "Solstice Game Studios"
  • The narrower (1080x1080) design must effectively symbolize "Solstice Game Studios" if it does not include the full term; could also be a unique, distinguishable icon of some sort (ex. The Steam Icon)
You have until December 4th to submit your design, at which point we'll announce the winner!

Good Luck Everyone! <3

We Raised 5 for Extra Life Today!

November 08, 2015, 01:44:35 am by WinterPhoenix96
In our support for #ExtraLife 2015, we decided to donate all donations made to YukiTheater today toward their cause, and we raised a total of 5!

The Full List of Donators from our Community
- madgod_117 (STEAM_0:0:82872859)
- Maverun (STEAM_0:1:32625346)
- MokaCola (STEAM_0:0:74613024)
- SPiTT_0110 (STEAM_0:0:20667844)
- Sanji (STEAM_0:0:55632782)
- Liquidus (STEAM_0:1:7321996)
- Akane (STEAM_0:0:48348037)
- TonTon (STEAM_0:0:139245674)

Our Receipt

Thanks to everybody who donated! <3
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Halloween Update 2015

October 30, 2015, 05:14:51 am by WinterPhoenix96
Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, we're finally done with the Halloween Update, just in time! This is the second largest update we've ever done and it took us a month and a half to develop! Now, we have some super cool stuff for you, so let's see what's new!

Updated Map for Halloween - We've added a bunch of Spooky Content to the Map and reworked a lot of the look and feel, including the addition of a homage to Corpse Party (if you can find it)!

Added Halloween Minigame - YukiTheater now loses power in a random interval between 1 and 2 hours and it's up to you to find the Generator and fill it with Fuel! Accomplishing this task in under 10 minutes will result in a the Restoration of Power, a 2000 Credit Achievement, and a slight increase to the Video Credits Multiplier! But, if you lose, you will LOSE DOUBLE the amount of Video Credit Multiplier earned from winning a game! But, if you keep it up, you can get up to a max of 2x Video Credits for the entirety of the next MONTH!

Tombstones, Halloween HUDs, Trick or Treat Bags, and More! - We have more where that came from, so check out the Full List of Changes here:

Please Thank the Devs for their hard work! We spent a lot of time on this update!
Mr. Muffinz - Mapping
ogniK - Programming
Sinful Mario - Modelling
Sophie-bear - Modelling
WinterPhoenix96 - Programming

Also, a few teaser pictures, for your enjoyment...

Enjoy the Spooks!
Love You All <3
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Video Service Support, GMod, and You

October 21, 2015, 01:55:07 am by WinterPhoenix96
This Announcement was originally posted here. Please support the Replacement of Awesomium in That Thread or This GitHub Issue! Thanks! <3

---Original Text Follows---

On the Dev Branch, Awesomium has been updated, however the update has solved none of the issues presented in the past. These are mostly issues with its support of HTML5 and weird issues with CSS.

As I have stated before, Awesomium does not support many HTML5 features, especially those dealing with media playback. This has forced developers for the Cinema Gamemode to create workarounds using Flash-based players in order to get things that are basic features in modern browsers to work in Awesomium. It doesn't even support H.264 in HTML5, which is the de facto standard for videos using the MPEG4 File Format.

HTML5 Test shows that Awesomium scores 335 out of 555 points, whereas Chrome 46 (what I'm running on my Desktop) scores 496 out of 555 points. That's a difference of 161 features that are missing.

And, if you haven't heard yet, Flash Player is being phased out of practically everything. It is full of security holes, as I'm sure you've seen the news with a new exploit being reported practically every other week now. As a result, many video services are phasing it out and moving to HTML5. This includes the likes of Twitch, KissAnime/KissCartoon/KissAsian, and even YouTube, which is the very lifeblood of the Cinema Gamemode.

Put quite frankly, the Cinema Gamemode and any future projects that rely on these technologies will die within the next year or so if Awesomium is not replaced.

We're already using workaround after workaround just to keep things working. For example, I'm having to use a version of the YouTube API and Player that has been marked deprecated since the beginning of this year, and could stop working at any moment, just to get videos to play in HD and not get stuck in 3D Mode.

Futhermore, The Kiss Services listed above are phasing out Flash Player due to their hosts not supporting the old protocols that Flash Player used to use, rendering roughly half of their videos inaccessible on my Cinema Server (which supports these services). The workaround they're using for most of their videos is to use the same YouTube Player in the above point to play them in Flash. At some point, that will no longer be an option, and we won't be able to support them anymore.

This means that the Top 3 Video Services in use on my Cinema Server, by a huge margin, will no longer be supported within the next year or so.

I call for the Developers of Garry's Mod to Replace Awesomium with a web framework that supports technologies that have been supported in major web browsers since 2011. I'm tired of writing so many workarounds and I'm tired of watching the slow death of the Gamemode I've spent the last 3 years of my life developing for. Creating and developing for my server has had a huge effect on my, and I'm sure many other people's lives, and I desire to keep it running for as long as possible.

I won't be able to if the top 95% of the videos played in my server are no longer able to be played, sheerly because the web framework in GMod doesn't support it.

tl;dr GMod doesn't support web features we need for Cinema to continue to survive
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