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Why we're down, 9-14-14 edition

September 15, 2014, 01:08:42 AM by WinterPhoenix96
I tend to create Announcements about Downtime if it goes longer than 24 hours for sake of clarity, as some people start getting a bit worried and think we've shut down the server for good, so here's what's going on and what we plan to do about it.

To start, we are not down forever. What started this downtime is the fact that our dedicated server's IP Address suddenly became unreachable and unrouteable yesterday, meaning that our Host most likely "Null-Routed" it. Basically that means that nothing can connect to it and it can't connect to anything. Hosts tend to do this if an IP becomes a threat or begins degrading the performance of the network. Most likely what happened is they Null-Routed us because we've been getting DDoS Attacks for several hours everyday for the entirety of this last week, meaning we were probably using a huge chunk of the bandwidth available, thus degrading the performance of the other servers on the network and the network itself.

For right now, all we can do is wait it out until our Host gets back to us and tells us what's going on with the server. If we're able to come back online we will, upon which I would expect DDoS Attacks starting once again since these people are relentless and clearly have nothing better to do. I can state that first-hand, as they have also continually attacked my Home IP Address whenever they find out what it is after I've changed it.

Now for what we can do about it. Quite simply, we need to upgrade/change Dedicated Server Hosts to one that offers DDoS Mitigation in some form. I spent a great deal of time trying to mitigate it through the server's built-in software firewall, but it's simply not enough. The attacks are too large for it to handle. Unfortunately that means that we're going to have to upgrade, but the cost of doing so, at the very least, is double what we're currently paying for our dedicated server. This community's website and dedicated server is paid for entirely by the community through donations, but paying for a better host isn't very realistic with the average amount of income we get from donations every month right now. We can afford, right now, to set up the minimal upgrade mentioned above (So You Start) for 1 month, including Setup Fees (Ironically the minimal upgrade is and has been Out of Stock recently and that's why we haven't switched already and then made this post), but after that we don't know for sure. And if we end up requiring better/larger DDoS Protection it will cost even more. Something like 5-8x more than we're currently paying for our server.

So I'm asking you, the Community of YukiTheater, to lend a hand if you're able. Even if you only have the minimal to spare, we would greatly appreciate anything you could contribute! If you haven't donated yet, you will receive the Perks that come with First-Time Donations once the server comes back online, DDoS Protection or not. If you've already donated, a huge thank you for helping support us thus far, and I'd like to ask you with a humble heart to please consider contributing again.

The Donation Page can be reached here and always works regardless of Server Downtime:

Thank You All from the bottom of my heart for enjoying and supporting the project thus far! I never thought it would even get this big when I started it in October of 2012 (bit of history in the One Year Anniversary Post).

Love You All <3
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How to Properly Complain about YukiTheater

August 12, 2014, 03:31:01 PM by WinterPhoenix96
Since I and the other administrators/moderators of this Community have gotten tired of people complaining about "being banned for no reason/admin abuse" and I'm getting tired of getting a dozen messages whenever I get online about the chairs being broken half the time, I've decided it's about time that I write a Front-Page Announcement describing how to properly complain or report things about YukiTheater, and hopefully make it more useful and understandable to players and less annoying to the Staff.

Before I go into any of this, yes posting on the Forums requires you to be Registered on the Forums. If you claim that you're too lazy to Register (It's like 3 clicks using Steam to Register), then we will claim that we're too lazy to assist you with your problem.

How to Report Bugs/Glitches in the Server: Go here and create a New Topic that follows the Template Guide. Check the Trello before Posting!

How to Report Suspected Admin Abuse: Go here and create a New Topic that follows the Template Guide. Not posting here and instead complaining in 20 comments on the YukiTheater Steam Group about it will get you banned from the Steam Group. Because that's extremely annoying and not useful to anyone.

How to Appeal your Ban: Go here and create a New Topic that follows the Template Guide. Seriously, complaining on the Steam Group won't get you anywhere and you will be ignored.

How to Report other Guests' rule-breaking behavior: Go here and create a New Topic that follows the Template Guide.

How to Report Blacklistable Videos: Go here and create a New Topic that follows the Template Guide.

If any of you have any questions or comments concerning any of this, simply reply to this Topic on the Forums.
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We made it to the Front Page of the r/pcmasterrace Subreddit today!

July 19, 2014, 08:02:46 PM by WinterPhoenix96
Check this out!

This Community is awesome, and as a Staff we'd like to Thank You for your support!

I also commented on it, if you guys wanna Upvote it

Love You All <3
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Tree's (...and NASA's) Birthday Update (May 2014)

May 02, 2014, 05:50:09 PM by WinterPhoenix96
This is the big one you've been waiting for for 3 Months, so let's take a look at what was added and changed!

Music Visualizers
Proper FFT Support was added in a recent Garry's Mod Update, allowing us to take advantage of Music Equalizing Information and create cool things with them!

Working Lobby Music Player
Remember the Checkbox in F4 with Disable Lobby Music? You might want to Uncheck that now and check this new feature out. Technically I created a Lobby Music Player a very long time ago, however it was so glitchy and unusable that I had to Disable it by Default minutes after updating the server. The original player was completely ripped out and I've rebuilt the system from scratch this update, making it a lot more reliable, attaching it to a small Music Visualizer on the HUD (See above), and even adding the ability to Specify your Own Music from the F4 Menu! There's a Default Radio Station, Artimage's Dimension, which plays Anime/JPop/JRock Music 24/7 included even if you don't!

You asked for it, and now it's finally here! We've got 14 Hats to choose from to start off, so be sure to check them out in the Shop! We've also set up a Request Thread where you can request Hats you'd like to see in the server.

17 New Playermodels
Including the highly demanded Vocaloid Append models by CaptainBigButt! We've even replaced the old Hatsune Miku Append model with their variant!

14 New Popcorn Kernels
We've added several popcorn kernels suggested by members of the Community, most notably the Insignias of all of the branches of the military in Attack on Titan!

14 New Easter Eggs (2 removed)
The ones everybody knew that were used to get the Achievement (you know which ones) have now been removed, however along with 14 New Chat-triggered Easter Eggs for you to find, I've redone some of the Easter Egg Music Player and attached it to the same HUD Music Visualizer used by the Lobby Music Player!

The Crowbar in the Parking Lot has been replaced with a Katana won't make sounds anymore to people outside of the Parking Lot! Video Watchers Rejoice!

...And much more
Including several bug fixes (Player Muting works again) and Optimizations to the code.

Check out the Full Changelog here!

Thank you all for your Patience with this Update, and go say Happy Birthday to Treetotheworld and NASA! <3
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One Year Anniversary

January 06, 2014, 05:23:29 PM by WinterPhoenix96
One Year Ago on this day, I registered the domain signaling the Re-launch of YukiTheater. We've come very far since then. From basic code created by NutterButter using PlayX to the modified version of Cinema we use today, we have come far.

So, since this is our One Year Anniversary, I'm going to go into the History of YukiTheater from the beginning to where we are now, but before I do that, I would like to thank everyone who has made this thing possible so far. Whether from showing your support from Donations or simply visiting the server, I thank you. You're the reason why I created YukiTheater and you continue to be the reason why I keep the project running and use so much of my free time developing for it. <3

When I first started YukiTheater in October 2012, it was partly just a challenge to see if I could do it. In light of the recent closure of GModTheater and the migration from GMod12 to GMod13, my friends and I suddenly found that we were without a Garry's Mod Theater Server. NoxiousNet's Cinema was the first to appear on GMod13's Beta, but it wasn't the same, and we didn't enjoy it. So I went down my Friends List and asked if anybody would be willing to help me with this ambitious project. NutterButter volunteered as a Coder with no much experience, however he knew something where I didn't know the first thing about Lua. As we began to develop, other Theater Servers began appearing with their own proprietary code such as JokerIce Cinema and Friendly Players Theater. Friendly Players came after we had a basic framework for YukiTheater and had PlayX working in a single auditorium with a basic Queue and HUD, and its appearance just about crushed NutterButter's determination as it was far more fancy and well-coded than what we had at the time. I convinced him to stay and code, and he became more determined to continue. At this time YukiTheater wasn't themed toward Anime, however the name attracted people into it and the admins on it all liked Anime so it was played often. The GMod Server was also hosted on my Laptop at the time, and we had no website.

The original YukiTheater Team:
  • Owner - WinterPhoenix96
  • Co-Owner - Head of Mapping Department - Aoi32Tori
  • Co-Owner - Head of Programming Department - NutterButter
  • Co-Owner - Head of Graphics Design Department - Shuichi Nitori

Sometime in late November 2012, we had decent server population and there was a player that had joined by the name of MADMAN32395. He was one of the owners of GCinema and came to me with a proposal that we merge our communities and servers. Due to the fact that Xerasin (the creator of the GMod12 GCinema) had effectively refused at the time to fix his code for GMod13, they needed code and I could've used the resources they had. I accepted that proposal and what came of it was known as YukiGCinema. They had the beginnings of a large community (I thought 200 members in their Steam Group was large at the time) as well as the resources to support it. After a DoS Attack on my Home Network, we decided we would move the GMod Server onto a Dedicated Box.

Not soon after, NutterButter became inactive and the code sat for quite a while without an update. Nevertheless, there was a famous YouTuber known as Big Brian The Red Pony that was acquaintances with MADMAN that we convinced to promote our server. Not soon after we adjusted that into him having his own Server to run, and then eventually him quitting because he didn't get along with us. Xerasin somewhere along the line decided he was going to fix GCinema's GMod12 code and gave it to dodjer (another GCinema Owner). Dodjer brought the fact she had the code before the Community and we held a meeting to decide what we would do with it. I was stubborn and wanted to merge YukiTheater's code with their's, and through an amount of confusion they ended up using GCinema's code in place of mine the very next day. I then, immaturely, shut down the GMod Server and changed it back to YukiTheater's code. After some arguing within the Community I let them do as they wish for then, but I ended up creating another GMod Server on the dedicated box for a merged version of the code once I had finished. This was around New Year's.

I ended up joining the GCinema Server late on January 3, 2013, and lowered the extent of what I wanted in a merged version. I stated to Xerasin and MADMAN that I was going to replace the HUD with YukiTheater's at the very least, which they refused. As an Owner of YukiGCinema as well I had a sudden realization that I didn't have all that much power in the Community if I couldn't even have the HUD in the code. So after a bit of a wave of anger I went and talked to my father about it, who simply said, "If you don't get along with them, and you don't really have a reason to stay in the Community, why not just leave?" So after mulling over it for a while and talking to a bunch of people asking who they would go with if I were to leave and Re-launch YukiTheater, I decided that that's what I was going to do. So I pulled all of YukiTheater's Gamemode files from the dedicated server and left the community, making a Forum Post when I did. This is also when I destroyed the YukiGCinema Steam Group and re-created the YukiTheater one (It has a creation date of January 4th, 2013 because it was around 2AM EST when I did all of this).

The first day of our Re-launch, Big Brian The Red Pony noticed and decided he was going to promote YukiTheater because he disliked MADMAN more than me. I woke up to see 40+ Players Online. The next day, I registered the domain for and began creating a proper Website for it. Both the website and server would run on my laptop until July when Gamer5544 rented us a Dedicated Server. On January 7th, the Cinema Gamemode was uploaded to the Steam Workshop and Servers began appearing. In light of this, I decided I was going to make YukiTheater have a focus to stand out from the dozens of new Theater Servers and made it Anime-Themed.

Once the Cinema Gamemode had been released I grabbed its Source and started learning how to code for real. For those of you wondering how I learned to code, this is it. I just started messing with Cinema's code and seeing what did what, toying with different things, teaching myself. I had learned only basics in the past, nothing major. I learned how to code Lua at the same time I was creating the website. I broke many many things but learned how it worked over time.

In the beginning of March the basically modified version of Cinema I had done for YukiTheater was ready. Most of what I had done for it was cosmetic such as adding the HUD back, but we did have the Credits and Shop system added to it as well. Over time I've built upon YukiTheater's code quite a bit, from adding the Achievements System to the Lottery to the Arcade Machines.

The rest of the History of YukiTheater from March up until now is rather event-less. We've seen Admins come and go, the addition of Gamer5544 as YukiTheater's Co-Owner, and a whole slew of updates during that time, as well as quarrels within the Community, but we just keep going. I plan to run this project up through College, so let's see if we can't accomplish that. Thanks For a Great Year everybody! ^^
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