ID 1418896
Service Type youtube
Data kfFPseBtTbU
Theater (Owner, if any) Exclusive Theater 2 (Broseph Stalin | STEAM_0:0:76552937)
Title Best of: Dank WebMs 2
Duration (H:M:S) 00:14:15
Request Time 05/22/16 01:31:35
Requester Broseph Stalin (STEAM_0:0:76552937)
Video was Removed (Bool, Type of Removal, Who Removed) True, Force-Skip @ 12:10, patanima (STEAM_0:1:101369160)
Video Has Played True
Players Present at the end of the Video Broseph Stalin (STEAM_0:0:76552937), DJSummers (STEAM_0:1:38595597), LaffyIsHere (STEAM_0:0:76422597), chris2thek (STEAM_0:1:16598679), ☆Lady Raine☆ (STEAM_0:1:36930982)